WR450F at Mobile AL Dealer

Hall's Motosports (Mobile Alabama) has one; I was in there today 2/8/03.

Call 251-666-7000, ask for Danny or Steve, tell them where you heard about the bike.

Thats interesting.........we had on the highest authority that there were none to be found in Alabamy. :)

Why are they all over the country except where I am???????


It is indeed there. I sat on it. I believe they want list price (not more though).

Call them; you will see.


Oh, I forgot to mention; last weekend at the enduro in SC, I rode a buddy's new WR450. He picked is up the Friday before form a WVA dealer; said he paid $6K OTD.


You can have it for $6734.00 out the door. I got mine for $5885, in Mississippi. I've got a bunch of U.S. dollar bills I will let go of for $2 each. come and get em...

As I recall, your dealer jilted you on the first one because he wanted to sell it at list. I also remember reading something about him honoring that $5885 price because he didn't want to lose you as a customer. I think you're pretty much the only one getting that kind of deal. Most dealers are at list price at a minimum and some are more. He's probably kicking himself for misquoting it to you in the first place. Enjoy your good fortune because I'm sure your dealer won't make that mistake again. :)

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