03 WR450 starter gears removal question

Just completed installation of a new timing chain. It was a tough job to take off the flywheel (it was loctited on by Yamaha), but it finally popped off with a few cycles of heating and cooling with a torch. Now I am debating to go ahead and purchase the torque limiting idler gear (from 2004 model) and do the starter mod, or to disengage the electric start altogether (this also gets rid of the woodruff key problem - I have read on other posts on Thumpertalk). My question is if I want to disengage the starter system, how do I do it - 1. remove the starter clutch and gear behind the rotor; 2. Remove the idle gear 2 (that engages with the gear behind the starter clutch behind the rotor); or 3. Remove the idle gear 1 (that engages with the starter motor gear and the idle gear 2). What is the necessary gear(s) that should be remove to prevent the woodruff key issue? Also, since this bike has a charging system for the battery, is it possible to remove the heavy battery (since I will have no electric start)? If I remove the battery, the little red on-switch-button light will not come on, will the bike still start? What do I do with the two leads that connect to the battery (if battery is removed)? I know this seems may seem like a bunch of silly questions, but I am a bit confused about which idler gear to remove? The Yamaha manual idler gear (Item 8. , pg. 4-81) does not even look like the gear that is in the bike.

It surely isnt a silly question, because I'm getting ready to do the same thing and havent taken it apart yet.

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