Does anyone know the Rev Limiter RPM???

WR400 year 2000 stock...

You can click on the "search" button up top there... and type in "rev limiter" when you get there.

It will show you other peoples posts in the past with info about the rev limiter.


I read your other post, since nobody has answered you I’ll take a stab. I forgot the exact rev limit, but I believe it is 11,500 rpm. I also forgot the exact primary reduction, but I believe a WR should be going around 94 mph at the rev limiter with 14/50 (is that stock?) gearing.

Sorry, I’ve got a YZ.

I could easily be off by 4 mph, so I’d say your are hitting the rev limiter and nothing is wrong with your bike.

Thanks Hick,

A mechanic is Vegas told me 11,500 also. But the 5th gear ratio is .84 ...what does that mean. (.84 engine revolutions to 1 front sprocket rev...) Of course it can't. You'd be doing 300 MPH! :) What is the ratio between the engine and the transmission input, or the transmission output and the front sprocket. If we knew that we could calculate the RPMs at rev limit from the bike speed. Something beside the transmission and sprockets is changing the ratio by a little over 3 to 1.

Originally posted by RonC:

Something beside the transmission and sprockets is changing the ratio by a little over 3 to 1.

That is the primary reduction ratio, or simply the # of teeth on clutch gear divided by # of teeth on main gear. I counted this the last time I had my YZ apart and forgot what it was exactly, I only remember that it was somewhere around 3.2 or something so my 94 mph calculation is probably not very accurate.

So the crank drives the clutch via the main gear, the clutch spins main shaft that hub is splined to, gears on main shaft spin countershaft via another set of gears. Each gear has two parts (but there are only nine in the cases because one first gear is integral to the main shaft), and the .84 is just the # of teeth on the countershaft (5th) gear divided by the # of teeth on the main shaft (5th) gear.

I think the # of teeth on each gear is given in the manual, maybe the primary ratio is buried in there somewhere as well.

what does the rev limiter feel like?

when i ride mine on the road i get a misfire every 3 or 4 seconds. like someone is jabbing the kill button. is this it?

dan lorenze can you help?


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