Clarke 2.8 on WR

I know there have been a million threads regarding big tanks for the WR, but here is a new twist. I've been trying to decide on the IMS 3.1 (advertised to fit both 06-08 YZ and 07-08 WR) or the Clarke 3.6 (advertised for the WR only). I only need a little more fuel for the races I do, and would prefer the Clarke 2.6, but an email from Clarke said it wouldn't fit the 08 WR, only the YZ. That didn't make sense, my son has an 08 YZ and the frame is the same. So today I pulled his Clarke 2.6 off and it fits with absolutely no problem. The tank uses the stock petcock, and comes with a longer fuel line with a nice shield over it and fuel cap. Much less obtrusive than the bigger options, very slim thru the knees, but with .7 gal extra fuel, and cheaper than the IMS. Also, I bolted my WR shrouds on and the only fitment issue is that the bolt hole on top that is under the seat doesn't line up. But with the seat on you can't see that, and the seat keeps it snug. Also, the WR seat fit right on. So off to Cycle Gear tomorrow to put one on order.

Bottom line...the Clarke 2.6 will fit the 07-09 WR, and the stock WR shrouds work with no problem. If I ever need shrouds from a crash I'll get YZ, but why spend $100 for shrouds/graphics needlessly.

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