Hard to start 2006 CRF450

My 2006 CRF450 is a pain to start the 1st time of the day. Jetting is stock, fuel screw is stock and engine only has 10 hours on it so no valve issues. Any ideas? Or any special starting procedures do the trick?

Also a friend has a 2008 CRF250 and 2009 CRF 250 and they both are a pain to start also....all three bikes start fine when warm. We are in Atlanta 500-1000ft.

ummmm temperature?

its been 45-55 degrees out in the morning when we are starting up. The colder it is the worse it seems. None of us had problems with previous bikes...non of the previous bikes were Hondas.

wouldnt say it's a problem......it's jetting......try backing out the fuel screw 1/2 turn and using the search feature.....hope that helps

Check your decompressor setting. Make sure it's dead on or run a little tighter .023 ish. Measuring with one gauge on the valve shim and one in the decompressor is usually the best way.

When it's cooler out I just hit the throttle 6 or 7 times, even with the choke on, before I try to start it. When the cylinder is cold the the initial fuel that goes into the cylinder vaporizes and sticks to the cylinder walls so it does not want to combust. By hitting the throttle a few extra times I alleviating this problem by adding the fuel in manually rather than getting a little every time I kick the bike. If it's really cold I usually have to do that, kick it a couple times, then do it again and it fires right up. After that it starts first kick, very easily, the rest of the day.

Try what I have to do. Give it 2-3 squirts, kick it through slowly for 2-3 kicks to suck in some fuel. Then slowly kick is just past TDC on the compression stroke, give it a squirt, ensure the kickstarter is all the way up (you might have to bump it a little to get that last 'click up'), give it one more squire and a hard swift kick. If everything is set right, it'll fire. This works for me when the temps are down into the 20's F.

Then again, when the valve wear to a no clearance condition, I'm SOL...but with 10 hrs you're right, it shouldn't be a problem for you.

My '05 CRF450R has 'starting characteristics' that change a bit over time.

Good Luck

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