Trick Dualsport Kit

Just wanted to let you guys know that I just finished installing my Trick Dual Sport kit. It took a little longer to install than I had figured but that was because I added a light to my analog speedometer, and I used a license mount from Scott's Performace, also those trick looking license plate bolts that are really license plate light bulbs. Plus I used a different style of rear turn signals so it all took more time than expected, but it is on now and works great.. If I had a digital camera (which I don't) I would take pictures and post them (which I don't know how to do either). All in all the Kit is well thought out & less money than the other ones and compared to the kit on my 99 WR 400 much better quality. Hope to have years of great service from Trick Dual Sport, & I'm sure I will have.

Dale makes a fine Product.


i had a high dollar kit on my xr. i think i'll go cheap this time....brake light switch....high low beam switch...

acerbis mirrior...squeeze horn. 50 bucks should cover it. :)

Unfortunatly in Oregon any bike built after 1992 has to have ...electric turn signals, front & rear, horn, stop light & tail light , plus high & low beam headlight and a license plate. Not being an electrical engineer I let someone who is, build the kit and I installed it. Oh yes a mirror also.


Put the electrex Dakar kit on my WR450. They gave me a proto kit and the bike is at Electrex now getting a final fitting for the production version. The guys at Electrex are great.

03 WR450, Tagged!, YZ rear fender, Dunlop 606's , Lean -jetting next

Ive heard ...well...stories about the Dakar kit. Their circuit boards have a tendancey to fry. Give us an update in 6 months and after some good riding. Interested in how yours holds up! Im thinking about doing a Trick Dual sport kit. Not sure I like that headlight style but oh well...

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