Best place to live in Colorado for riding?

I'm considering moving to Colorado shortly. I need to find a place to live that has decent riding nearby. I know riding from home will be tough to find, but I want to be reasonably close (1hr) from good riding areas and possibly local tracks.

I need to find a place somewhere along the range between Golden and Fort Collins. This way I'll be close enough to work (Westminster).

Anyone have any suggestions?



Golden is a nice town...small and quaint (sp? LOL)...and you're situated in a very commutable location (only 15 minutes to downtown Denver...close to your new work...and right off of I70 to head up into the mountains to play).

Given that, the famed Rampart Range would be about 1 hr south of you...tons of riding by the St. Mary's Glacier/Central City area (20 min drive)...Georgetown/Idaho Springs area (20 min)...and Breckinridge area (1 hr). I can think of 3 tracks around the area, if you're into that, that are also within 1 hr...with one being about 5 minutes away (Thunder Alley).

Cant say much about riding up around the Fort Collins I wont comment. You'd be closer to the Berthoud track (one of the three I mentioned above) that's supposed to be very nice...but much further away from really getting deep into the mountains (I70 is your best bet).

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do...


Just an FYI, theres no riding around Boulder any many people, to many trails getting can check that off your list....


I would find an area with quick easy access to the west side of C-470. THat way you can get to Santa Fe rd. quickly, turn west at Sedalia and hit Rampart Range in under an hour.

Depends on how much snow you want to deal with December thru April. :)

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