No-Toil Oil

Been using No Toil for a while. I like it and I find no dust at all on the intake. If it was bad then for sure it would be posted all over the internet. I think as long as you use enough of the oil an don't cheap out your fine.

Always dispose of your solvents and oils responsibly - like Greyracer said - auto shops or stores that sell oils and solvents have an environmental responsibility (by law) to collect used oils and solvents - otherwise, it just causes their customers to dump it down the storm sewers. Up here, the stores try to give you a run around, but call them on it and see how fast they change their tune - all of a sudden, "we don't accept used oil" becomes "bring it to the side door and I'll have one of the mechanics take it from you". Our government has also implemented an environmental surcharge (tax) on top of the price of oil that you buy there to offset the disposal.

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