Rekluse or Revloc auto clutch for 07 WR450F

Are there any differences in these auto clutches, which one works best for enduros, offroad and such?

You can't go wrong with Rekluse. I love mine.

This is a very good question. I just picked up a 2003 WR450 myself and wanted to put an auto clutch in it, so I was wondering the same thing and which one would work the best.

My brother has a CRF250f with a rekluse in it. It is the one without the clutch cable and he can’t get it set up so he can get it in neutral without shutting the bike off. He has taken it apart and tried to change the plates but that has not fixed it yet. Don’t know if this a common problem or just a lack of knowledge on how to set it up properly.

I hope someone can give you some answers on this because I would like to know too.

I have used a Rekluse clutch for the last four years on several of my bikes. I have not been able to get it into neutral easily when the bike is standing still. Just a small amount of drag on the tranny to not allow an easy shift to neutral. The only way I've been able to shift into neutral is just before you come to a stop I will shift it to neutral while still rolling. The clutch has worked perfectly other than that.

My buddy who has a revloc has had a lot of problems with the company lately. Wanted to get it modified to work with his new KTM and has not been able to get ahold of them to order up the work...

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