Water pump leak?

I noticed a drop of colant leaking from the Water pump weep hole.

How hard is it to fix this?


My new 450 leaked the weeper hole. It leaked then stopped. Can't explain it. I looked in the manual and could not find any information on it.

Your outer seal is leaking, their is a passage between the outer seal and bearing that leads to the weep hole, when you see water coming out there you generally have a bad seal (but you could have a bad radiator cap leaving nowhere for the pressure to go but by that seal).

I ain't difficult to fix the problem. Order/pick up an outer water pump seal. Remove the pump cover, remove impeller, and dig the old seal out of there (note which way it is facing). That is the only hard part, but since you are tossing it don't worry about mangling it (you probably will).

Then replace it and put everything back together.

Before you do that though you should probably inspect the impeller shaft, if it has a significant groove where the seal rides you may need to replace it to fix the leaking. To replace the shaft you will have to take off the right cover.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Hick

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