Do you think I'd get in trouble if

Do you think I'd get in trouble if I rented a bobcat and used it to augment my secret riding area. I have a few acres with tracks and trails that myself and some other riders use to ride on. We cant figuire out if the land is private, Forest service or owned by an electric power company. So far we have 3 small jumps, but we want to add some berms and some more jumps.

What kind of trouble am I looking at???

You'll only get in trouble if you get caught!

If someone approaches you while 'upgrading' just pretend like someone asked you to do it and your just doing your job.

I don't know how the laws are in Oregon, but Travis Pastrana and his dad were nearly charged with a felony in Maryland for doing something similar on THEIR OWN PRIVATE PROPERTY!!!!

Talk about a wacked-out set of circumstances. Their main problem was a nearby creekbed, but you know what happens when the enviros spot anyone moving dirt.


I believe the Pastrana's were caught doing 'illegal' grading a second time - that's why they were 'charged'. I don't think they had the necessary permits from the city/county and got caught red handed.

A friend of mine rented a bobcat and built a track on some land in Fremont, Ca (Bay Area/Silicon Valley area). Cops told them to keep out after the second time they rented the bobcat FWIW. My guess is it would really depend on the cop.



You can go to the county courthouse, or wherever they keep the records where you live, and look up the parcel on aerial photos and find out who owns the property. I would personally be pissed if I found someone making modifications to my property without my approval, even if it was for riding purposes. If it is USFS property, you could face pretty heavy fines if caught.

Not to mention the fuel that you would add to the greenie fire if caught... just a thought.

I agree with Stumpy. It's the "law-breaking image" of dirtbikers that we do not need to add fuel to. No one notices you riding on it now, but sure as hell if you do something like that, they will. Do the right thing.

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I lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains on 5 acres as a kid. Our land was adjacent to private property and Governement owned.

We did make a nice track but as we got cocky we started to Encroach on the other lands. Will one day as we were riding we were confronted by ARMED US forestry and US Airforce MP's. Ya thast right ARMED

Scared the living Poopies out of both of us.

To make a short story a little longer

It is a Feloney to deface Private or Gov owned property, we got off becouse back then we knew all the rangers and most of the Air force guys at the Radar station. But it was a lessson learned.

We did get written permision from the Private land owner to ride on his and do what we wanted.

But the Gov side we had to put it back as it was, Summer lost to clean up...

You shoudl be able to get information at the accessors office on who owns the land

Its Only illegal till ya get caught


If its fed land, you bet your sweet lil but you will be prosecuted (Thanks Greenies)

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I dont think I will rent the cat. I am fairly certain it is either USFS or owned by the power company. Huge power lines go over some of it and a USFS access road goes by it too. The area is really remote so I dont think any one would know. but no sense in getting myself into trouble.

Now I did see 10 acres in central oregon, in the middle of no where for $6000. And was located very close to a large existing OHV/ORV riding area, hhhuuummm. Six buddies, a grand a piece, rent a dozer, own the land. I could be on to something here?

Prob. USFS w/ an easement granted to the utility to run their power lines.

Messing w/ USFS property like that is probably not a good idea.

I was considering more or less the same thing on some BLM open space but even that seems a bit foolish. But that doesn't mean I won't do it.

Bobcats have headlights, ya know. :)

In all seriousness, things like that just give riders a bad (worse ??) reputation. Just my two cents...

Some how though in my twisted mentality, I was thinking my use of the area was an improvement, since most other users seemed to think remote areas in the National Forest are places to dump, garbage, stolen cars, motor homes. The unfortunate by product of being 40 miles from portland and on the end of the forest closest to the city. I can usually find at least 6 stolen/dumped shot up and burned cars with in 10 miles of my house. Thats probably why the forest service gate went up to keep the hillbillys outs. I figuired me being up there riding and running the dumpers off would be a good thing, and since I was already there, why not add a berm or jump or two. At this point if I cant do it with a hand shovel, I dont think I will do it.

Your looking at federal time buddie

Hey wait

Maybe you can do what Johnnie Jihad Walker pleaded

Its a religious thng, ya know all you were tryng to do is follow the vision you had in a dream and put a shrine on the land for all dirt bikers to have there own personall Mecka.

A place that every dirt biker must travl to to pay homage too to be a good dirt-bikelum

Originally posted by Team Oatmeal Pie:

I can usually find at least 6 stolen/dumped shot up and burned cars with in 10 miles of my house.

You should see my regular riding area. Parts of it are a common dumping ground. The occasional car, but mostly leftover building materials and landscaping trash (and millions of broken bottles).

Along with the occasional burned tire. Every get tangled up in a steel belted radial, without the rubber? That can leave a mark, not to mention deposit a snarl of twenty wires around your sprocket and hub. Wire cutters are a must have.

I guess the flip-side of that is that, obviously, if nobody is going to police it for illegal dumping, and most of it is public (BLM) land, then nobody is going to care if we ride there either.

where we ride there is always garbage broken glass old building material and tons of other junk but no one complains because no one cares about us riding there


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