Long rides

Has anybody checked how many mile you can get on the Wr450 before having to switch to reserve ?And how much gas is there in reserve ?

My 02 WR426 seemed to go through fuel way fast for the first few tanks. After getting some mileage on it, it seemed to slow way down and was quite good. I'm expecting this to be the case with my 450 as it's sucking down the fuel at a fast rate right now. Then again, it only has 30 miles on it. The tank is 2.6 gallons and 2.96 gallons with reserve, I believe.

We did 60 miles in the desert today and my buddy had to switch his to reserve at 55 miles. His is new with a couple hundred miles on it, uncorked with the Yosh system, snorkles removed. It aint no gas miser like my wr250! But man does it rock!!

I put 70 hard miles on my WR450 today. I hit reserve at about 60 miles..

Dan :)

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