Hand Grips...

What is the best way to install new hand grips?

Hi Dave,

You will find another thread regarding Renthal Grip glue either here or on the YZ side with lots of ways people install grips.

I bought Pro-grip glue from Rockymountain for $2.99 or there abouts. I gooped this stuff on my Pro-tapers then rinsed the inside of each grip with windex. Slid grip on. The windex helps with the slide and evaporates quickly. I was able to ride within 2 hours after doing this. Note - you should wait atleast 24hours after installing grips for the glue to fully bond. My grips seemed to stick very well and I am happy with Pro-grip glue. Took some scrubbin to get the crap off my fingers.

You may want to wrap safety wire around the grip in two places to ensure a tight fit but I didn't do this.

Some have suggested using extra hold hair spray. I may give that a shot in the future.

Happy ridin !


:) I always use a little fuel.........pour it into the grip, swirl it round pour out any excess, fit the grip...works really well, I've always used it...cheap too!

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Fuel or an air hose is a good ideas. I then use three or four strands of safety wire around the grip. With glue you can't remove and re-use the grip. I guess I'm cheap.


I have always used Fast Dry Clear Laquer Spray Paint.

Spray lots into the grip and push on.

They Grips slide on easy and dry fast.

many new soft grips requir glue because they are so soft they melt with gas or contact cleaner and are not as tight on the bar. if you by expensive grips you may have these problems. the ends will just fall off the grips.


To really be cheap, and it worked I used rubbing alcohol to set a grip. Slides on easy, evaporates with no residue....job done.

I use either 3M "fast tack trim adhesive" or Super 77 spray. I like the Gas and compresser way but I think that a good glue is important. It's only a couple of bucks and good insurance that your grip will stay in place.


I used just grip glue and ended up taking the first three layers of skin off both hands trying to get the damn things on. I would try the hair spray trick - unless you want bloody stumps for paws. :)

Make sure the bar is spotless and clean the inside of the grip. Position the end over the bar and get on as far as you can....then get an air compressor nozzle and slip it in-between the bar and the grip. The air cushion allows you to manouver the grip. It stays well stuck and you can remove it the same way when you need to.

Crazy Glue....

it WILL stick... but you have to cut them off!

It seems to be the only thing I can not break free!

The absolute easiest way I have found is first to buy a grip that has safety wire grouves, Secondly get a can of compressed air (Dust-off or the like) Place the end of the grip over the bar and insert the plastic hose that comes with the Compressed air and pull the trigger. This creates a pocket of air between the grip and the bar and the grip will slide on with no friction. Works the same if you want to adjust the grip position on the bar or remove them for use on another set of bars should you bend a set. Once on Safety wire them and your good to go.

Nasty smelly sticky Glue, no thanks, been there done that.....

Bonzai :)

Hairspray..... Lubes for install. Dries fast and is a very good adheasive.


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