Need help finding some 426 parts.

Hello. Im looking for where to find a set of ignition plugs (RED anodized), A chain/ case guard (Red anodized) for my 426. I looked on ebay and only found blue plugs, and nothing on the guard. Im more of a street kinda guy so i dont know every place to look. Figured most of you guys would know exactly where to look.

Most of you may think what im asking for is strange or useless. But the motor is in a Custom frame (NSF100 or YSR sized) bike. It will be at alot of big motorcycle events (Both Moto GPs) and every detail counts.

Here are some pics of the bike with the 426. Not all mounted up yet.

Custom hand made frame.


Mocked up the motor


Stress mounted.


Custom Carbon Fiber tank.


Custom one-off wheels


If anyone is interested in the full build check out


Try Anderson Automatics...they sell a lot on e-bay and do a lot of custom CNC and anodized stuff. When I bought plugs for my 426, they had 'em in all kinds of colors. I think Zip Ty racing sells 'em in red as well

Thanks Birdy426^^, Anderson has everything except the case saver.


The case saver (guide) and the original cover should be available from Yamaha. They are not very expensive.

Good idea^ I have the OEM one, i was thinking something fancy though.


I just have one question for your build. Why a 426 engine?

Why not... :) real reason was i bought a TRX450 and just want going to happen as stress member set-up. I got a smoke'n deal on a 426 (now a 450 with a good amount of mods). I have a YSR with a XR200 motor in it too.

~Shawn @ BMS

Post some pics when you are all finished. It sounds like an interesting project that will look cool. Have any pics of the ysr with the xr200?

Fuel tank is the only part that is stock or un modified....

XR200 Motor in YSR


Bike completed


~Shawn @ BMS

Nice work! That thing looks good with the ol xr in there. What kind of class do you run that in?

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