update from chaos

Hey fellow wr450 buds,

Finally rode my bike again after fixing the flywheel key and re-jetting it. Went to 48 pilot-like everyone said, raised the needle one notch, and adjusted idle screw to about 2-1/2 turns out. Mine was 4 turns out from the factory! Cut the throttle stop too. Left the 150 main in, but its being swapped out to a 155 tomorrow!! She still feels lean. I took the advice of: one of these postings; where a guy said to take the handlebars off too give you some slack in the cables...worked bitchin. Had the carb out in no time and could change everything at once. Went to SCOTTS PERFORMANCE and got all the brackets to mount my stabilizer as well. They didn't have their top triple clamp yet, but I machined on the stock one a bit and it all fits sweet. Mounted renthals, moose guards and a billet shark fin as well. Made a really cool exhaust tip that bolts in where the stock one is. Its stainless steel, turns down 90 deg. and the exit tube is 1-1/2" in dia....still have the sweet sound but it's a bit easier on your buddy following you! Try to post some pics soon. Been reading all this hub-bub on jetting and wondering if we need to be running race gas all the time. The bike has 12.5:1 compression...does 91 calif. gas have what it takes?? Maybe mixing 50:50 would help! Starter is still intact....but bike won't start after its warmed up without the hot start lever pulled (button or kick). Going to GORMAN next weekend (4000-6000 elev.) so we'll see how she works. Enough ramblin for now....I wanta ride!!

make a search for Jetting Qs. it will help you solve jetting problems.

You need to go to a 160 main as this will solve your problem. If you look in your manual that came with your bike it shows the jetting the bike from Canada came with and this is what you need to run. Also did the Scotts dampner clear the cross bar? I have not installed mine yet so I was just wondering.

Eric :)

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