speedo kmh/mph

think mine is broke or have got a non mph version (did they make one?) bike is brand new on 09 y model, tried to do as manual states, useing select button two and it dont cycle tried disconnecting battery to restart is there a reset button and not the one on dash before you say it dont wont to look like a div and call shop and say its broke when it aint cheers lads

just checked mine and it changes to kph/mph no probs, mine is UK bike, it states in the manual this feature is for UK market so I guess if you bought new bike from the dealer you can claim it's faulty

thinking this might be only recoarse

Hi guys!

I stumbled across this thread whilst looking for a solution for my WR speedo issue. So, I joined up to this forum! :) Some of you guys may know me from the ADVrider forum, under the same username.

Here, one of my big threads there:


Anyway, I received my used WR450F digital speedo from the USA today, which I'm planning on mounting on my '04 TT600R to replace the analog device.

The problem is that I'm unable to permanently switch it from MPH to KM/H. In the users manual of the WR, it states that you have to hold the SLCT2 key for 2secs for it to change the units. That works, too. Problem is, that disconnecting the speedo from it's power supply, then reconnecting it causes it to jump back to MPH (the TT600R has no battery!)...

Any tricks to permanently keep it set to KM/H?

Also, I'm unable to switch to the odometer mode. Again, I followed the instructions given in the users manual, yet no luck...

Thanks in advance!

Tony Schattat

The yamaha digital speedo has a seperate "constant" power input to retain settings.

Thanks alot for your reply!

Yes, I was aware of the speedo having 2 separate power inputs.

The problem is, that the bike I'm mounting the speedo onto doesn't have a battery, meaning whenever the engine's off, there's no 12V source, thus returning the unit back to MPH.

Either there's a trick to permanentaly set it to KM/H, or I'm going to have to equip the bike with a battery...

Anybody got an answer to the odometer issue?


Tony Schattat

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