E-start on WR450F

I just broke in my new WR450F and it seems to take much longer than I would expect to start it w/ the e-start.Opening the throttle a bit does help but why would the book say not to touch it?)

Q-1 What length should I cut the throttle stop to?

Q-2 Can the timing be ajusted the same as the 426?

Q-3 Can the add of the PC T-4 pipe be the cause of the slow starting? I really love the bike other than that. any advice would be great. Thanks

q-1: why don't you order throttle stop from yz?

q-2: o doubt it. the 450 cam has autodeco and if you change the timing it will not run correctly.

I read on another post from somebody that bought the YZ450F throttle stop, that its 11mm shorter than the stock WR stop.

I have trimmed mine that much and its worked great. You will need to check you jetting and adjustments on the carb,to get the easiest starting and best performance. Findsomebody in your area and see what their using. I have the new P.C. TI-4 and it works great on my bike.

Concerning the electric start. I have to open the throttle about 1/8 of a turn to get it to start. Cold starting I have not figured it out. I have tried with the e start cold with the choke, but it keeps turning and seems that the battery is going die, I kick the pick and it fires right up. Does anyone have any secrets to using the e start when cold. I don't think it has much to do with the starter jet on the acount that it starts fine with the kick start.

I think the battery capacity is too low. Not enough cold cranking amps. A full charge helps. Might need to haul out the Battery Tender.

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