07 WR450 Suspension Rebuild - Who to go to?

Sending my suspension out to get re-valved and re-built. The stock is way to mushy for me. There are quite a few companies out there, and I'm sure most of them are pretty reputable, but at the price I'm looking at, I want to get this done right the first time. I've kind of narrowed the field down to MX-Tech, RG3 and Race Tech. I ride 70% desert, 30% trail/single track. At this point, I'm wondering what anyone else out there has done, or have any experiences with any of the above companies.

Thanks in advance!

Enzo did my buddies. He was expensive but it was worth it.

Precision Concepts revalved my WR and I have not complaints. The price was in line with others and the turn around was quick. I weigh about 180 and ride about 70-80% desert and I also complained obout the suspension being too soft. They ended up revalving front and rear and I went to the next heavier rear spring (5.4) and kept the stock fronts. So far I have only needed to go up slightly on the rear compression and it seems to work great. It really eats up the whoops and the faster you go the better it works. I have no problem recommending them to others especially if you are in California. I would also check out ESP, I've have heard of many satisfied customers too.



Jason at finelines suspension in Huntington beach. I am very happy with what he did with my WR.

Also, go to the suspension forum on TT and look for DaveJ @smartperformance.com

Pro Tech in Temecula said they will respring and revalve my fronts for $150 or so. I'm a 250lb Heffer and thought that was a pretty good deal.

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