Modding a 2003 need gearing help...maybe

I ride 70% trails and 30% track. Want my bike to be set up well for both. I'm adding a Steahly 9.3 oz. I also have ordered a G2 1/4 turn throttle to make up for my 6'5" height when I want to go WOT without lowering my shoulder. I was wondering about the sprockets.What would be a good mix of sprockets for both places. I have stock 14/48 now.

Where I ride: My local track Speedworld AZ is moto style with no crazy doubles or triples but some LONG tabletops out of corners I would like to clear. Mostly a 1st and top of 2nd gear track. A couple of straights where

3rd is a possibility. My local trails are mostly mountain terrain and wide track. Serious hills that require me to do alot of clutch feather work to stay in the powerband and climb (hence the FWW). No fire roads or high speed and I have never put it on 4th.

With that info, how should I gear it? Or should I leave it stock?

Any input appreciated!

14/47 works the best for the 4 speed

Works best for what app? Is this a good mix for trails and track? What advantages and disadvantages of lowering the rear tooth count?

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