taffy= the man

well i did taffy's jetting and took the bike out for a ride around the block. the thing ran great. i had no hickup when crackin the gas. botton and mid power felt great. top end was ok with the 12 disks on but pulls way more with the open end cap. but the bottom end suffered a little. ow well. i think i may just run the open in the dezz and dunes and run the disk in the wooded tight stuff. anyways, thanks for the jetting taffy, you made me a beliver. now make me a good speller.


i can't do anything for your spelling chris, i'm afraid that you're beyond redemption!

pleased to hear it went well. you know, you only have to tell us the symptoms and we can tickle-up that jetting and get it just right.

if we're really lucky you're happy to ride it as is at present and so after lunching on your bikes little foibles and coughs, let us know.

point is; you're in the ball park. :):D


well so far the bike seemed great. the only time it had a little dead spot was coasting into a corner for a long tine and trying ot hamer out of it. it was really hot out too, i'd say 99. its about 1000- 1500. if i got off the gas and then pinned it wide open it never missed. i am going to go out to sea level when it cools down and see if i have any difference.

thanks again

possibly a bit rich lower down.

the ride at sea level will probably improve it.

play with the PS for best response.


Hi Taffy,

Got something to find out from you. I wanted to try out your jettings spec very much but my bike seems to be running very hot already with stock YZ jettings and YZ timed cams.

I am riding a '98 WR4 and the weather here is relatively hot and humid. I often had coolant spilled out from the overflow and my header glows in the dark.

Your jettings seems to be much leaner will it cost the bike to run even hotter?

that one always gets everyone.

this is where you "mark everyones card".

the answer is directly yes. indirectly no.

each cycle will produce about another 200 degrees heat. however you will be riding the bike on less revs, less over opening of the throttle to get the bike to do what you want it to do.

in other words if you anfd i rode out together, every time we exited a little corner you would give it maximum and i would give it a blip.

my bike boiled before i did it but never afterwards so work that one out!!!



i did reduced the squirt from 3seconds to < .5 second

by the time i finished it was to late at night to sart the bike and test it

so early sunday i loaded up and set out to mid wales.


it was running a bit weak but 1 turn out on the fuel screw seems to have that pretty much sorted.

now 1st and 2nd gear instants throttle wheelies [ no pulling on the bars]

great for hopin over the bogs and ditches on Toms farm


if youve never riden there, its well worth the effort, perfect enduro practice area 650 achers of mixed welsh terrain, all for £5

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