Can I use a 2006-2009 carb on my -05 WR

As the question, will it fit? It has a diffrent OEM partnumber and it looks like the only difference is the diaphragm parts. Is the carb housing identical otherwise?

As the question, will it fit?

Yes it will fit just fine :)

Great, I found one on Ebay that could replace my broken carb.

Got the carb now, brand new from a 2008 YZ450. What jettings do I need to change? According to the YZ manual the main jet is 160 and the WR is 165. Pilot is 45 in both models. Leak jet 55 in the YZ and 50 in the WR, change or keap? What about the needle, can I use the one in the YZ carb?


Driving condition is just above sea level and temp 10-20 degree celcius or 50-68 F if you prefer.

Checked it and it is 160 main jet. I think I will change that to the 165 and keep the 45 pilot. The YZ needle should probably be ok or? But what about the leak jet, I read that a smaller size should cure som of the bogging problem so perhaps the smaller WR jet is a better choice.

Needle is NFL R with the clips in 3rd position.

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