Breather Hose

Well the weather here in upstate NY is starting to change and that means only one thing, MUD !!! However, after I spent $1600.00 big ones on a rebuild for my 99WR (stretched cam chain=$$$) I'm a little hesitant on hittin' the mud holes. Anyone got feedback on those deep water hose kits, and are they just for the carb, or can I get one for the breather hose?

Are you refering to the breather hose as the valve cover vent that runs along the frame's downtube? If so, there is a buttload of info already on this site.

I put a k&n vent filter on the vent then I put it in my air box I think this is the only way to go. This is the best idea doun't try any others.

To save you searching for the rest of the procedure, T into your carb vent hoses, let the original end hang down as per stock, then run the T'ed also up to the top of your air box/under your seat. Zip tie foam on those ends to keep the dust out, and if you want real water proofing put orifices in the bottom-dangling carb vent hose ends (slows down the rise of the water in the tubes when the water is so high it starts to cover your carb).

It's all home stuff, no kit needed. Buy T's and hose at hardware store or aquarium shop etc.

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