Electric starter for WR400F '99

May be it's funny question, but I'd like to implement the electric starter in to my WR400F. Is any body did it ? As I saw there is even a place for starter on the crank case. Is it electric motor form WR450 and starting clitch acceptable for WR400 ? It's clear concerning autodecomp. battery, etc.

Thanks in advance.

im guessing here based on what i know...:)...i highly doubt you will be able to do this...

I think there was a company doing this several years ago but haven't seen anything lately.

Currently there is a company doing something similar, it's called Yamaha and they sell a WR450 that comes with an electric starter. :) Yeah, bad joke but that's the best recommendation I can give you.

I searched the archives and google, nothing, just people saying to get the 450, sorry.

Yeah, WR450 nice bike , but quite expensive :) In my country, in accordance with high popularity, and crazy customs policy I can't buy even used one for less than 7,500 ... 8,000 USD !!! In crisis situation it's unbelievable ... So, it seems that this year I have only one solution - the friendship with kick starter :lol: People said that normally cold WR should be easily started with 2..3 kicks. In fact, last weekend , when it was just -3 C on the street , I was warming up the engine and carb with electric fan for more then one hour ! Then, after 5 minutes of kicking engine has been started. It's terrible. I don't understand what's problem ? The lash in valves is OK, compression is excellent, may be old gas ? Not sure. Once bike started, it's running quite well. Actually, warm engine starts much more easy, but any way not with first kick. One remark, some times kick starter painfully impact me back to the leg. So, after that I'm afraid to kick harder . What I'm doing wrong ? What if I'll decrease the gap in spark plug let me say till 0,5...0,4 mm ? (In service manual recommended gap is 0,6...0,7 mm) In this case spark will be more stable during low speed rotation while kick start. Am I right ? Is any body has recommendations concerning this issue ?

Thanks and best regards,


St. Petersburg,


I think just buy a new spark plug, better iridium, then it should start on first kick no mater warm or cold.

Are you kicking correctly? May be silly question bus just sometimes happens. Here is from manual:


1. Inspect the coolant level.

2. Turn the fuel cock to “ON”.

3. Shift the transmission into neutral.

4. Fully open the cold starter knob.

5. Without pulling in the decompression

lever, slowly depress the kick starter until

the compression stroke is found. When

considerable resistance of the kick starter

is felt, the engine is on the compression

stroke. If the engine is on the exhaust

stroke, resistance will only be felt when

the kick starter is initially depressed, not

through the entire range of depression

(as when the engine is on the compression

stroke); therefore, depress the kick

starter a few more times.

And other moment from manual in case you don't have it:

* The carburetor on this motorcycle has a

built-in accelerator pump. Therefore,

when starting the engine, do not operate

the throttle or the spark plug will foul.

* Unlike a two-stroke engine, this engine

cannot be kick started when the throttle is

open because the kick starter may kick

back. Also, if the throttle is open the air/

fuel mixture may be too lean for the

engine to start.

* Never use the decompression lever after

the engine is started. The engine may be

damaged if you use the decompression

lever while it is running.

* Before starting the machine, perform the

checks in the pre-operation check list.

A couple of other "cold start" ideas. When it is very cold, (-3 C) it can help to give the throttle a couple of twists to pump some gas into the intake. Not too much or it will flood. Also, be sure you keep the throttle completely closed when kicking or else it will kick back. You might consider getting the 2003 or later exhaust cam with the auto decompress feature. It makes starting much easier.

Thanks a lot guys for recommendations !

But please , just one more question: what exhaust cam with decompressor will be acceptable for WR400 ? If I could get one from WR450 it will be compatible ?

What about timing ? Should I keep standard WR400 timing or move exhaust cam some pin ahead or back ?

Thanks in advance,


St. Petersburg,


The 03' on cam works. Need to search on how to do the timing.

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