New owner of a brand new 08 yz 450f!

I don't mean to thread jack, but I am picking up my 08 soon and was wondering exactly where I should grease evrything before I ride. Anyone have a link? (please don't tell me to search, if I would have found something, I would not have posted! :-))

You want to grease the steering head bearings, the swingarm bearings, and all of the linkage bearings. Also would be a good idea to get a good packing of grease in the wheel bearings, and lightly coat the axles and all the linkage bolts and swingarm shaft before reinstalling.

I totally agree with Wiz, the bike is bone dry from the Factory. I just moved from WA Wiz, Fort Lewis just got out of the army!

Just one question on the ball bearing drainhole mod. Has anyone tried tapping in the ball bearing without drilling or is that a must do on the mod. Just got a new 08 450 and am trying to gather as much info as possible on all the needed mods.

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