WR426 Carb removal questions?

Can the carb be removed for jetting without removing the shock or rear sub-frame and air box? I would like to leave them in place if at all possible.

Thanks! Wr426f

Yes. It comes out no problem. Loosen phillips and allen screws on the clamps, pull back on boot between carb and air filter, and pull carb out on shifter side. If you need extra slack it's quickest to disconnect throttle cables from throttle tube. DO NOT remove the TPS from the carb: unplug it. For main or pilot jet you don't need to pull it out that far. Just remove the 16 or 17 MM plug( can't remember) on the bottom of the bowl and you can get to both. To get the needle from the top you'll need a bit more room.

I couldn't get mine out without removing the sub-frame and airbox.

I hope we are talking about the same bike- WR426??

If you are just changing pilot and/or main jets you can also just drop the bowl and use a dentist mirror and socket/flathead to remove/reinstall them - 10 minutes. Once you've done it once - you get pretty good with a mirror but at first it's all backwards and upside down....almost like working on your bike super drunk.

almost like working on your bike super drunk.

Matt, are you speaking from experience? :)

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