Blue button make me blue in the face.

Just got my WR450 a few days ago. Everything is working as advertised except the e-start. It has been 30-40 degrees since I got the bike. If I pull the cold start starts right up on the first or second kick. However, whenever I try use the e-start... it seems like it does have enough power to start the the bike..floods..and fouls. The e-start seems to only work when the bike has been running for 5-10 minutes or so. Has anyone else had this problem? One one side of the coin, I am very impressed with how easy it starts with the manual a 250cc 2-smoker. On the other side of the coin, I'm not very impressed with the blue button.

the last time i tried to start mine , it was about 20 out in the garage. it wouldnt start with the button, but it did when i kicked it. i havent done anything to mine yet,

but everybody on here says once you get the jetting richened up, that helps a great deal.

Give your battery a real long TRICKLE charge. That did it for me. I also found , like someones post a while back, turn your gas on and lay the bike over on its left side @ 45 degrees 1 or 2 times until gas comes out of the carb tube. This speeds up initial startups.

You guys need to move down to warm and sunny Southern California - 73 degrees with bright sunny skies. That'll be your problem. :)

Mine does the same thing. Won't start with the button. Kick it a couple time and starts fine. I also noted that when it was warm it would'nt start in gear(w clutch pulled in). Had to shift to neutral. Thought it might be me as this is my first 4-stroke.

The e-start seems to only work when the bike has been running for 5-10 minutes or so. Has anyone else had this problem?

My bike does the same thing.. This morning it was 30 degrees in the desert and the starter really didn't want to start the bike. I figure if the bike won't start up within 10 seconds you have a dead battery.. It charges fast and will restart the bike perfect after the bike's warm, but you're right, early in the morning I think I'm going to kick it from the get-go (which is really easy). I'm sure these bikes have just enough cold cranking amps in the batteries to turn the motor over a couple of times and that's it. Jim gave some good advise too....Leaning the bike over does help..


Dont feel bad, KTM, Suzuki and any other modern e-start bike I have ridden hate the cold. Time on the bike and good jetting seem to help but I just try for a few seconds then whip out the kick start. The bikes do start fine when warm.

Unfortunatly I don't have the little magic button, but I thought someone on here posted that the manual said something about the e-button was suppose to be only for when it is warmed up. If I remember correctly, which I don't very often

All right you crazy dogs. I don't have a Yamaha but I do have a KTM and mine works every time. Here's what I do.

1. Think of it like an old carburated car, pump the gas a couple of times and then start. I pull the choke and give the throttle a couple of twists. Then I hit the button and wham-o it starts even when cold out. How ever I do use a trickle charger, the cold robs any battery of power car,motorcycle or what ever. I would first try giving the throttle one twist and see if that helps.


I have the same problem for the first start of the day. However, always starts right with first kick and then e-starts no problem after that.

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