Sagittal band surgery

Dr Mark,

I could use some of your medical wisdom. I hurt myself again. As of today I will have spent five of the last seven months unable to ride. Need some advice on recovery time.


I was killing some time after a day on the track and went riding in a skate park on my bmx and went down hard. The backside of my left hand took the full force of the fall. When I stood up everything was fine but two fingers wouldn't fully straighten. Doctor and MRI confirm partial extensor tendon tear and sagittal band rupture on middle finger and sagittal band rupture on ring finger. Both were surgically repaired on 1/8/09. I've been in a brace restricting movement at the injured joints for four weeks and am allowed to start moving the injured joints on thursday. Doc said it would be ten weeks from surgery until I could start riding and lifting weights(pull-ups, free-weights). That date is 4 days after the first race in my local series.

I understand and appreciate his caution but would like a straight answer on when I can ride/train again with the associated risks involved.

I currently have no discomfort from the injuries. As it is my clutch fingers that are injured I purchased an auto clutch to maybe ride sooner.

Thanks in advance,


It takes 12 weeks for that to heal, Ten weeks would be a good thing,

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