Why change my jetting??

My bike is stock except for the airbox lid, exhaust baffle removed,grey wire, throttle stop cut and a 12oz flywheel weight. It starts first kick, every time, even hot after a fall. Throttle response is excellent, no backfires,hiccups or hesitations.It has more power than I could ever use.

Why do I need change my jetting? What am I missing?

If it runs so well, you don't have anything to worry about! What's your elevation, above sea level there??

You may simply be in the right air density to match your slight mods to the stock jetting...

You could probably improve though, by doing the BK mod, which should only require raising the needle 1 step...I actually did the BK mod on my new WR before it ever ran!...

[ July 26, 2002: Message edited by: dominator426 ]

Who told you the you HAD to change anything?

Bonzai :)

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