How much is my bike worth? thinkin about selling it...

I was wondering how much you guys thought my bike is worth. I have a white 08 YZ450f with about 35-40hr's on it. It currently has a full Yoshi exhaust system, promotobillet kick stand, Eline carbon fiber skid plate, cycra full wrap hand gaurds, ready racing stainless oil filter/billet cover, DID X-ring chain, Ride billet axle blocks, Bridgestone M59 front tire, and a Dunlop 952 rear on it. It has never been raced or ridden very hard at all, mostly just trail ridden. Has been meticulously maintained and is still in great shape!

I have been thinking about getting rid of it and picking up an 06 or newer YZ250 2 stroker. I am not too big into the MX scene, and I want a bike that would be a better woods weapon that I can use to race harescrambles and gncc type stuff as well as ride some nice tight, technical single track on. I have been riding a 06YZ250 for the past couple of weeks and have been very impressed with how that bike works in the tighter slower speed stuff. I think it would be a better machine for me to be riding for the type of riding that I like to do.

Anyways, How much do you all think my bike is worth right now like it is? And how much do you think it would be worth if I were return it back to stock? (except the tires would stay on it)

Put it back to stock. Its worth the same either way. If you could get 4000 the way things are now with the economy. that would be good i think

Yeah, I kind of figured that the aftermarket goodies wouldnt make it worth any more than it would be worth if it was changed back to stock.

I was hoping that it would be worth more like $5000-$5200 though. That seems to be about what people have been asking for used 08's that are in similar shape here locally.

Thanks for the input! Any more opinions?

Asking and selling prices are two different things. There are a number of brand new '08's sold every month for ~$5200.

As far as the aftermarket stuff goes, it will add about 25% of its original price to the bike's value, if that, but what it will do is make the bike sell more quickly.

Be prepared for buyers to low ball you. The way the economy is, nobody wants to pay asking price!

I bought a 08 white YZ450F with 10hrs for $4600 in Portland. It had a WC skid plate and hour meter on it. It was pretty much as new w/nubbins on the tires. It looked worse after the first 15 min I rode it than the previous 10hrs.

There is a $1000 rebate right now on 08 YZ450F and dealers are dumping them at their cost. Yeah, 5200-5400 OTD and 0/0/0 for a year!

Take all the stuff off and dump the bike for what you can get. Then ebay all the parts. I just did that with my 07 YZ250F. I sold the bike for $3k and then sold all the aftermarket stuff for $1K. There is no way I could have got $4K out of it as it was.

Prepare to get beat up!!

Thanks for the input.

I guess I will have to return the machine back close to stock and then go from there. Now at least I have an idea of what I can expect to get out of it when I do sell it.

back to stock ,i'd think priced in the 3700 range it'd sell quick.that 4000 and higher i think is a real breaking point for most people,even if it is only mental one:bonk: what grey said was right as well though too.the parts on it will def. help it sell faster,you just won't get the money back out of em.just have to decide how fast you really want to unload it.i've seen some decked out 08 with rekluses and stabilizers for 4ish that have taken awhile to sell:excuseme: so i think it's just really kinda a crapshoot now,depending on where you are at and fiding the right buyer.good luck with the sell

Again -- i am shaking my head ---- 10k invested in my '08 (after a 6500 purchase price, but that was in '08) and i can sell it for 4k, plus whatever i can ebay my goodies for.

MX bikes have never been wise financial decisions, but thats depressing. Wish i could write off the depreciation somehow.

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