WR450 with FMF Q silencer

Has anyone tried the FMF Q on there bike and if so how does it sound and how was the power compared to stock and also how much heaver was the stock muffler?


Eric :)


I have the "Q" series FMF on my 450, is very quiet compared to the uncorked stock silencer, weight is about one or two pounds less but the stainless steel powerbomb header is more than twice the weight of the stock titanium headpipe, I left the stock headpipe on, power is better than my previous WR400.

MJ 165, PJ 48 fuel screw stock. starts W/ e button everytime.

I'm ordering the Pro circuit Ti, will sell my used Powercore

for $100 if interested, is in great shape, no dents.


How does the power compare to your stock set up? Did you run the Q with the stock header and notice any power difference with the powerbomb?

I have the "Q" silencer with the stock header, my comparison is with my old WR 400 with powerbomb/ powercore combo. Yes is another bike but I also rode the 450 uncorked and like the power and sound of the "Q"better.

I'm trying to shave weight not add, tha is why i"m ordering a full titanium system, the powerbomb is just too heavy compared to the stock headpipe.

I went with the Ti-4 Pro Curcuit and saved several pounds. But it is what you might call, a little loud. I did a couple other mods the same day I put on the pipe but the power is much more than most sane folks would want...

Is it the Q or the powercore you want to sell? I dont have a bike yet but am interested.

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