2000 YZ426F Overviews

Hey everyone,

I am going to pick up a yz426 tommorow and i was just wondering what to expect. I'm coming directly off of a cr85 and i am wondering what the power is like. Anyone had any issues? How is suspension, mechanical, handling, etc. Thanks.:)

... i am wondering what the power is like.
Ever ride in a big block Chevelle SS?

no. why?

Because that's what the power's like. Massive, and always there, from one end to the other of the rev range. Like the volume knob on a concert grade speaker system.

It's going to be VERY different than your 80. :)

LOL... Lots of power over the entire powerband...

good luck!

Thats exactly what i was hoping for. my dad rides a ktm530 and the cr85 had a very hard time keeping up with him.:)

Thats exactly what i was hoping for. my dad rides a ktm530 and the cr85 had a very hard time keeping up with him.:)

I have one, and honestly, i cant believe that they would make a dirtbike this powerful. I went from a yz125, to street riding, and ~13 years later, purchased this 426 as my first bike. umm........... going from a cr85 to a 426, thats like going from a geo storm to a chevelle :lol:

Have fun, Getting used to the decompression lever isnt fun, but after you figure it out, you'll get your bike started first kick, everytime. :lol:

My clutch is the worst part of the bike. When its cold, its literally not engaged, and then BAM 100 moving. Its like getting whiplash. I have fixed this issue by just doing an AMA supercross start launch, into the woods away from the truck! LOL ........ i keed, i keed.

Now i cant wait. I think i will be gettin into some trouble today at school because i wont be able to sit still!!!!!:)

Welcome to the 426 club. Get adjusted to the power before you stuff your head into the ground and you will have a very enjoyable scoot. Get your dad to go over the regular maintenance needs and make sure you have a factory manual for the bike. Good luck with the new scoot.


the power will be pretty wild compared to your 85cc bike. Find an open fire road where you can get familiar with the power curve. go through all the gears and every throttle position from slightly open to wide open. Just don't open the throttle 100% too quickly or it might make you pay for that. take it easy, little by little. The objective is for you to see how much power it makes and how it gets there, it will help you to know ahead of time how the bike reacts in different situations. There's no need to ride like that on a regular basis, but it helps to "know" your bike and that will help you to avoid getting in trouble by accidentally giving it too much gas on a particular gear. Throttle/clutch control will be very important skills to have on that bike.

My first bike was a 426 :) Good bike to start with, ehhh? :lol: At first ride, pulled some unwanted, of course short, wheelies, but got used to it pretty fast I think.

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