Sound Check in Michigan

Does anyone know how to do the DB checks in michigan? I have access to a DB meter and when I get my WR450F I want to check it with the FMF Q on it. I think you have to be 1 meter away at a 45 degree angle but I am not sure.

Eric :)

I have all the test equipment and specs except the rpm to check at. I plan to use 4250 and 4500 to test my bike. If you are anywhere near Washington MI I'll test yours for you. Either way, send me a private message with your phone number and I'll help you get what you need.

One meter would be cool, but it's only 20" at a 45 degree angle. And the little booklet the DNR was using last year at the Silver Lake Dunes didn't have any 4 stroke WR's in it, so they just picked a bike called "Yamaha" and ran with it. Of course the Vortip had no trouble passing.

I think the biggest problem with this sound check thing is going to be getting people that know how to check and interpret the data.

I would also like to get a copy of the little DNR booklet so I can "coach" the sound checker if necessary.


I'm up at our company's Troy office at 14 & Stephenson quite a bit. I wouldn't mind hooking up and doing some cross checking. I have the SAE spec and a B&K sound analyzer I can borrow from work. :)

That's relatively close, 30 minutes north east. I have the rpm indicator tool the DNR uses, and a sound meter also. If at some point you want to do this , give me a couple of days notice, by PM with a number to get a hold of you for directions.

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