hand guards the hard way

I should have checked the right guards for the right bars. I just bought Maier $44 aluminum barkbusters for 7/8"steel bars from catalog, hoped they would fit the Renthal bar that came with the bike...they don't, now I need to use the small set of clamps for the bar ends, and bend the guard to match the other clamp. It is very difficult to make the bend where I want, the instructions say to bend for correct fit? If I am careful everything should go together fine.

You have to love instructions like that.

if you get someone to help you its much easier.you just bolt thru handguard in end of bars then have someone to hold piece of wood or something similar at point you would like to make bend .then stick wood[for leverage and helps control where guard will bend.] between guard and bars.and start bending moving wood wherever it is needed

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