Final Report; Thunder Alley Exhaust

It finally stopped raining and got out to test the performance of the new Thunder Alley Exhaust (TAE). But first, I replaced the stock MJ (165, advertized to be 160, according to the manual) w/ the recommended 168. If you use the 17mm plug on the bottom of the float bowl, it take about 10 minutes.

After warm up, clearly the engine produces more low and mid grunt than w/ the stock pipe. It now lifts the front tire in 4th with a crack of the throttle quite easily. The top end seems to have a little more also. I like it !!

The SA is in place and it is still louder than I like. The SA from the outlet end has spiral vanes similar to the suction side of a turbine pump impeller. These are set about 3" into the SA. The exhaust outlet of the SA is about 3/8" smaller diameter than the straight pipe outlet. Still loud. However, the engine performs like a big 4 stroke that can BREATH. It's no longer stuffed up. The transition from idle when I slam the throttle is instant & strong. The return to idle from higher RPM is very smooth & steady.

Overall, I am very pleased. If someone has a recommendation on how to further quieten (is that a word?), please let me know.


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