Clutchless Shifting?

Does anyone know how well the tranny holds up on the 02' WR426 with shifting with no clutch. I had been doing this on my 99' XR400 with no problems. I haven't had any problems with my new bike, but want to make sure it'll be ok.

Appreciate any info.....Thanks

I put 1,200 miles on my 02 WR before I sold it and it held up fine. These aren't street bikes! It'll be fine. :)

Ride it like you stole it! It will be fine.

I only use the clutch to change gears if I am on asphalt or concrete, and am changing down... just so I don't stress the motor too much, or chew my tyre up with the drivetrain forces...

Apart from that, and stopping and starting, I have enough on my plate trying to keep the front end down to worry about changing gears with a clutch... LOL



I'm stealing someone else's quote here:

Clutch use is clutch abuse!

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