snorkle &/or air box lid for WR450

Can anybody explain how to remove snorkle &/or air box lid?I asked the technition at dealer when I picked my WR450 on Tuesday and he said you could not remove it because the battery lays on it. :)

00 DRZ400E sold 2/2/03

03 WR450 picked up 2/3/03

1st unclip the battery and pull the battery up. than use 2 regular screw drivers and put one on each side of the battery clip.and carefuly pry the snorkel away from the tabs for the battery clip. use pliers to pull out the snorkel. very easy to do.

Will there still be a place for the battery to rest?

I had to use a dremile tool to cut out my snorkle. I also drilled some holes in the top of the air box. I cut out my left side plate. I now matches the right side and allows more air in. Pretty limitted with the battery being in the way.


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