Removed AIS from WR450F....Custom Plate/Plug Pics

Decided to get the AIS off the new bike. Took some aluminum

stock from Lowes and fabbed a plate to cover the existing

opening at the exhaust. Clean and simple, yet easily reversible

if need be at a later date. Just reused the small metal gasket

that comes on the system and bolted up.




I've got something similar but its made out of steel stock. One day when I move out of CA I'll block the smog off again.

Nicely executed. Well done! :)

I just pluged/blocked all my hoses and left the entire unit in place. Just in case the LEO's:busted: get nosy.:) Also, totally reversable, but why?:lol:

The below picture looks stock to me...what smog...that is how i check my valves :):lol: :lol:


Nice job!

did you feel more power?

did you feel more power?

Not at all. There is not really a power gain when removing

the AIS. Most, like me, do it for a couple reasons. The

first is to help elliminate the popping on decel, and the

second is to "declutter" the bike a bit. :)


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