04 forks or 05 forks?

I have a 04 YZF 450 and I have a chance to buy a set of 05 YZF 450 forks for $250.00

Are the 05 forks that much better than the 04?

I race mx in the +40 and +50 class


In stock form no they are not much better. If you are going to have them revalved they can be much better. The speed sensitive dampening on the 06 and up are like magic.:)

With a small amount of simple and relatively inexpensive mods, the '05 fork essentially becomes an '06 fork, and can be be far better than the '04 fork.

Contact Dave at Smart Performance about how to do this. BTW, he can also turn your '04 fork into an amazingly good fork. Ask him about the Phase 4 kits.

To be honest, I think the revalved forks I had on my 2 04's were some of the best forks I have ever had. I don't think they give up much if anything to my new speed sensitive ones. I never really got along with my 05 forks. They were pretty good after a revalve, but something about the revalved 04 forks just seemed right for me.

The Phase 4 fork is an entirely different approach than a conventional revalve:

PHASE 4 - The Ultra High Speed Blow-Off KYB USD46/48 is

now on the fourth revision, (released 8/2/07). All previous

versions should be sent back to our facility for updating.

Updates include four UHSBO springs with pre-load shims,

cartridge mods and stack updates as well as the 215/VM2-K5



The 05 forks are the first twin chamber KYBs on the Yamahas. with just a little work, they are great forks.

better than the 04s.

Gray,with the phase 4 kit, how do they compare with the new kayabas?


Fairly well. Very well, actually, but Dave would be the one to ask that question of. My understanding is that he can still make the '05 and later fork work better, but he's definitely narrowed the gap. He's always got something better in the works, too.

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