heavy duty tailight bulb???

anyone know of a heavy duty buly for my tailight. I keep destroying mine. It takes a standard 2 filament style bulb that you can buy anywere. I dont know if its blowing or just self destructing from the vibrations. Its on a 99 yz400 with wr stator. Its a ufo underfender tailight. I have a voltage regulator wired in. any ideas?

How about something like this:


This was at www.jamstrait.com. It plugs right into the stock bulb socket and should easily fit under the taillight lens. LEDs are pretty resistant to vibration.

Rich are you running an LED on the rear? Are you running AC or DC to the rear light switch? I am running AC to the back and I understand one would need to use a resistor to run one of these LEDS?


Nope, I am using a stock tail light bulb. A guy I know has LEDs all over his XR650 and I'm pretty sure he's taking it off of DC current. That's as much as I know about the process.

Advanced Auto Parts(the old Western Auto) has a red 1157 LED lamp for $4.95. The part is American Products Company part# 50.4051.B. The lamp will work on an ac circuit. If you are handy with electronics you could wire a half or a full wave bridge rectifier in series with the lamp to provide unfiltered DC current. That should make it somewhat brighter but I haven't tried it. I cheated and rewired the bulb holder to use the brake lamp side instead of the driving lamp side-plenty bright and no failures in over a year of hard trail riding and my share of crashes.

Fershy, the only reason for a resistor would be a shunt to ground to provide circuit loading for turn signal applications on some vehicles because the current draw of the lamp is so low. The lamp itself has internal current regulation to protect itself from LED failure.

Sorry, should have edited my first post.

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Find a 2157 bulb, which is the HD version of the 1157. I have rewired my stock tail light for a brake light. I have yet to change the 2157 after over 1500 hard trail miles.

Thanks bigdrtrdr thats just what I was looking for. Any idea were to start looking for that? Advanced Auto? Napa? Autozone? Carquest?

NAPA should have it, however I just went to the LED site posted and bought the 1157 LED 17.95? couldnt resist!

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