Those buying the WR450, why didn't you buy the KTM 450?

Other than the price difference? I'm trying to buy one or the other and could use help in deciding. :):D

KTM parts are harder to come by. Break something and it hurts.

I have been riding a WR400 since July of 99 and think it's adarned good machine, Now it's time to upgrade I'm going with the WR450 because It is cheaper to buy and maintain, plus it is BLUE


Yes, blue is key. :)

yea Y would you want to ride a fire breathing pumpkin. lol just kidding guys with KTM's.


well one big deciding factor for me was the valve train the wr uses shim under bucket indicitive of ultra high performance engines also very low maintenence the kym uses roller rocker also used in performance engines but alot more to maintain ie alot of vavle lashing.

I've never had a problem with any of the Yamahas I've owned. Having never owned a KTM I like to stick with what I know. Besides, I just don't like orange.

There is a Yamaha dealer in every dinky assed town in the US so you can get parts anytime anywhere that is the first reason. Secondly Yamaha WRs are bulletproof. Can't say that about a CRF, KTM or a Husaberg (4 strokes). Husqvarna 4strokes have a great reliability reputation also but parts are harder to find because there are not as many dealers and there is the whole buyout thing (otherwise a TE450 would be #1). KTMs are pretty reliable but require more frequent servicing and there seems to be some bearing troubles every now and then and try to find a dealer in the middle of nowhere. Third, the WR now has the button so any euro advantage there is lost. 4th is the WRs power, the 5 valve head rips and with 450 ccs it should be even better in the low end. THe 450 is also supposed to handle quicker too.

I have a 16 year old TT350 in the garage that has never needed rebuilding, runs as strong as an outdated 350 can, and parts are 3-4 days away for the obscure ones. Try to get parts for a 16 year old Euro in 3-4 days.

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