Need brake upgrade advice for '90 XR600R!

Guy's, the 1990 Honda XR600R is on a budget and I need new front and rear brakes!!!!

The rear brakes will be upgraded to only new pads.

The front brakes though, well I'm going to set a $100 budget for it in parts only (i do the labor).

I'm a very aggressive street-only rider here in Malibu, CA.

What can you recommend? The brakes are stock!

I know I can get premium pads for the front, but I think I'd like to know what else I can do for cheap.

Maybe find a used brake setup from a newer XR or CR?

What should I do?


Really the brakes are pretty good on the front of the XR600s. You can upgrade to a more aggressive pad compound to help the stopping distances. If you want a better feel, then just upgrade the stock brake line to a SS (stainless Steel) unit. That helps with the feel a LOT!

other than that, BRAKING products does make an oversized rotor kit for the bike. You can find them on Ebay for like $100 sometimes.

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