HELP!! 02 wr426 needs motor

My motor decided to destroy the center cases and cylinder with the connecting rod(kinda like a pinwheel on steriods). Anybody know where I can get a motor or at least the center cases and a cylinder for less than the $1,500. OEM cost? My motor had less than 100 hrs and showed no signs of destructive behavior.

Just saw a yz400 motor on ebay about $330.

Can the Wr trans fit in a YZ case?

I've seen plenty of YZ/WR 400/426 bikes selling for less than $1500. Keep all the goodies off yours and part the rest of it out on Ebay, you'll probably pay for half of it or more.

I bought a yz426 engine for $800 with free shipping to alaska. That was on ebay. I guess I payed to much but its a great engine.

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