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Riding partners : BC's Fraser Valley Area

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I'm looking for guys to ride with.. in the Fraser Valley area. It's always cool to meet other riders. I live in the North Surrey area.

Riding Preference:

I'm 34, and I ride responsible...

I guess I prefer to ride with guys that don't ride the blind side, around a corner, up a hill, at full speed. Almost been clipped by them before (usually a 15 year old on a 2 stroke)

I like fast trails/hills/intermediate riding nothing that causes stress... Don't dig over heating in tight trails. I guess I'm up there to relieve stress it not create it.

Chipmunk Creek, Squamish, Veddar, Tamiya.

Send me an email if your interested.

I have received a couple responses already through Suzuki and Honda. It always more fun with more guys.

Thanks for this great service Thumpertalk!


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