carb. slide problem

how can i check the carb. slide on the 1998 wr400? the bike runs like crap and a few memebers here told me thats what to check - how do i check it please>?

remove the carb, most do this by undoing the throttle cables at the bars and pull it to the side.

then undo the two screws that hold the large cap on the carb. lift the whole slide assembly and pop the slide off the trolley wheels that lift/lower it and pull out.

the slide plate is what you're looking at. they crack around the edge of the circular indentation. when putting it back in, remember that the little 1.5mm cutaway sits at the bottom.

if it is cracked, someone used to visit this site and advertise them as home made. the real thing is something stupid like $80 so i hope that it isn't cracked!


and be carefull not to drop it (like me) as the slide is made from two parts...

remove the carb, most do this by undoing the throttle cables at the bars and pull it to the side

I checked mine a while back and it is not necessary to actually remove the carb. You can take your fuel line, and your throttle cables (as taffy mentioned) and your hot start off and then loosen the clamps on each end of the carb. then just twist it counter-clockwise (if your standing from the rear of the bike) and you can just twist it to access the cap on top of carb. - then take the 2 screws off.

if you have any problems upon reassembly with the bike running you can go HERE to get it running properly again.

This is what I had to do when I checked my slide for the first time.

Good luck and let us know if everything is still in one piece.

BTW: This is what it looks like when the slide is good and bad. CLICK HERE

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