Doing it this weekend

I'm getting a top end, cam chain and several parts this weekend. I'm going to port and polish this weekend as well....I'm getting pretty excited...:) anything else that I'm missing or anything I should take a look at while I'm tore down that far?

Well, stripped down to the frame. All the bearings look good. Still waiting on the parts..So I might as well put some elbow grease in her and clean everything to showroom condition.

This thread is useless without pics:foul:

What year is the bike?... You might want to replace the valve springs and valve seals too.

It is an 06. I just ordered those also. Thanks for the tip.

It sure would be nice to be able to replace all the bolts. Mostly just mental reasons plus it looks better then too.

Are you doing the port and polish yourself?

yes...kinda. A friend of mine is very good at it and we are doing it together.

I took the engine apart today and cleaned her up. All I can say is wow. I will post pics later. I have around 300 hours on her, always used Amsoil, and Shell gas. This thing is in incredible shape. There is still cross etching in the cylinder. Very little carbon and everything. Cams are also in great shape. I will try and post pics tomorrow.

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