Top End Rebuild

My sons 05 crf70 top end went out this last weekend. Still running, just burning a lot of oil. I'm going to keep it stock, OEM top-end kit is $105. But I've never done a 4 str top-end. So, how difficult a job is this? Any how to links out there? I really dont want to pay $50 for the Honda repair manual. This is the last season he'll be on this bike and it'll be sold.

Thanks for any help/suggestions/links in advance...

I'll be installing an 88cc top end soon. I'm going to make a video of how. It will hopefully be done and edited in a week. If you don't want to wait, it's very easy.

Keep in mind that a top end shouldn't cost you $100. You only need to get new rings, the piston is rarely damaged. If you have a hone you don't even need a cylinder. If you want, you can pick up a set of rings here and a cylinder if you need it.

These are Two Bros. website directions I used when I did my sons 88cc kit and helped big time only thing that might not be the same is the alignment of the rings but I had the layout for my rings but this is a good information guide if it helps

thanks both of you, good info. I really appreciate it.

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