Is my bike shop trying to rip me off wth my yzf?

I have taken my yz400f to my local shop as i bought the bike as a non runner and got it for a very good price. The bike has a great spark, tons of compression. The only thing was that it had been standing for 6 months so i thought it may have just been a carb clean out job. However it was'nt, and still would'nt start. So i took it to the shop and the guy has told me it may be the valves and wants to charge me $200 just to check them. Is this the case or is he adding money on needlessly as i don't have a clue about 4 strokes.

He can charge whatever he wants, but it's sure he wouldn't get that amount from me :)

Get a manual and do it yourself, with the 200 go and buy something for your bike. It's not hard at all!

WOW - that's one high shop rate - checking valves is about half an hour of work - an hour if you are slow (and that's putting the bike back together), Shimming adds about 1 more hour, so I can see charging 2 hours to ADJUST valves, but not CHECKING. $80 an hour and add the cost of a couple of shims and you might be looking at 200. Although most shops should just swap shims straight up free of charge - we have a guy near us that will do that no problem.

If he's going to check them by disassembling the head, I guess that's a fair price. Ask him what he charges for a leak down test and a valve clearance check.

What's the hourly rate for labor???

$200 would buy you a nice tool or two :) man i love buying tools lol

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