As far as Bulletin Board software goes, I think Bryan picked out some killer s@%t. Try going to an EZ Board and doing a search, it's a flipping joke. Aside from the recent burps with the new postings, I'd say Ultimate Bulletin Board has served all of us pretty well.

The FAQ is a good idea. Bryan, can it be done in the framework of your site? I’ll volunteer to do work on it.


[This message has been edited by JKC (edited 12-08-2000).]

Yeah this UBB software isn't too bad.

Those days messages weren't posting had nothing to do with the software. I actually hit a file volume limit (too many files - over 15000) with my web hosting company. They upped my max by 3000 more but I figure that will run out in about 1 to 2 months.

I like the FAQ idea too. However, two things have kept me from doing that:

1) Takes time to update

2) Much of the information on this forum, although extremely valuable, is still opinion and advice. How could you put everyones opinion on a FAQ area? Tough to do.



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