o-rings for hebo slave cylinders

I found an o-ring shop in Toronto that had 14mm X 1.5mm cross section o-rings off the shelf. They aare not a perfect match but are extremely close. getting the o-rings in the 2 grooves in the cylinder proved to be a major challange that will test your patience but I got it all back together again and the juice clutch is working great.

Willy Fitz

What was involved in getting the slave apart? I see that there is a circlip that sits on one end. Remove that and then do the internals just come out? Did you specify the application for the o rings ie brake fluid? Is the master holding fluid now? Thanks for the update and the oring sizes


Guys, I've tried "other" o-rings that are close too with no luck. The thing will not be as smooth or reliable. Im in the process of ordering the correct ones from erider. Im tired of going the home depot way, they're just not the same. Fershy, just remove the clip and push the piston through (with like a screwdriver) from the other-side and it will fall out, you'll then see the orings. I'll try to order a few so I can just mail them to those who need them. I'll keep you guys posted..

peace out

DL :)

After a weekend of riding the new o-rings in the slave seem to be working fine. I noticed no difference in the clutch action with the new o-rings. I doubt very much that if you got the o-rings from Home Depot that they were metric.

According to the o-ring shop owner the standard o-ring will stand up to DOT4 brake fluid. I was going to use vitron like we have at work but the only reason to use vitron is so your clutch will still work in the event of a nuclear accident (vitron will not swell when exposed to gamma radiation).

The only hard part of the change out is replacing the two o-rings in the lower part of the cylinder. The other two o-rings on the piston is so simple my boss could do it. I used some small picks to position part of the o-ring into the lower cylinder groove and then attempt to roll the o-ring into the rest of the groove.

Willy Fitz

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