Small cc bikes banned! - Your action needed NOW.

Done! :)



signed, gotta keep kids involved!



Done...takes 1 min.


this is an issue in another industry i work in as well.

Done :)

Signed :)

done...very fast. thank you thumpertalk!

Done,.....and don't forget to forward this to anyone you know that rides are isn't opposed to dirtbikes.

Done :)

Done :)

Done and emailed! Thanks for bringing this issue to the forefront Bryan.:)


done as well


This is such B.S. (not the petition), the issue!!

I just got back from the Yamaha dealer. The ONLY thing they will be able to sell for a PW 50 is SPARK PLUG, TIRES, OIL..............

Not supposed to even sell a cable or a brake lever if it is for the PW.

No other parts to be sold, plus they are stuck with their inventory, can't sell it, Yamaha won't let them return it, bikes and quads included

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